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BMLA Conference 2017

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Forensic Medicine Conference of the Baltic Medico-Legal Association



                                               20th - 22nd of September 2017

                                          Tallinn, Estonia


BMLA Conference 2017



Dear colleagues and forensic friends,


The Forensic Medicine Conference of the Baltic Medico-Legal Association, which focused on various topics linked to the development of the field, was held in Tallinn on 20 – 22 September, 2017. The Conference venue was Tallink Spa&Conference Hotel. 120 participants from 23 countries attended the conference. As forensic medicine is closely tied to toxicology and the DNA field, representatives of both fields contributed to the success of the conference.

The three headlining lecturers (Prof Burkhard Madea from the University of Bonn, Prof Antti Sajantila and Prof Ilkka Ojanperä from the University of Helsinki) gave presentations, which ensured that the classical forensic autopsy continues to be necessary, gave an overview of new and old narcotic substances and of molecular pathology. The conference was also attended by presidents of the two major associations of forensic medicine: Prof Davide Ferrara (International Academy of Legal Medicine – IALM) and Prof Duarte Nuno Vieira (European Council of Legal Medicine – ECLM).

Members of the steering committee of ECLM contributed to the content of the conference as well, by presenting an overview of the current state of forensic medicine across Europe and speaking of new developments in the field.

The presentations were highly scientific and provided an overview of the fields of forensic medicine (incl. thanatology, forensic medical examinations of people, violence against children), the structure of the forensic medicine field in various countries was also a focal point. It was interesting to read posters of various practical cases. Tests that are common in clinical medicine are increasingly used in post-mortem diagnostics as well; in this light, our conference included presentations of the use of hypoxanthine and glycated hemoglobin.

The next Forensic Medicine Conference of the Baltic Medico-Legal Association will take place in Riga in 2020.


Prof Marika Väli
President of the BMLA Conference 2017


If  you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact by email [email protected]


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