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EFSI as an organization

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The Estonian Forensic Science Institute is a state agency established on 1 January 2008 and administered by the Ministry of Justice.

The institute was formed as the result of the merger of two agencies, the Estonian Bureau of Forensic Medicine and the Forensic Service Centre.

The principal objectives of the operations of the institute are the provision of forensic science expertise in criminal cases according to competence, the development of the fields of forensic science, the forensic training of police agencies and consultation on matters related to the duties of the institute, and the administration of national databases and registers.

The institute is guided in its operations by its statutes and other legal acts that apply at the national level.

The institute is governed by a five-member supervisory board which directs its operations on the basis of the views submitted to it by agencies on matters of forensic science.


Mr. Raivo Küüt (Deputy Secretary for Internal Security, Public Order and Migration Policy, Ministry of the Interior) raivo.kyyt@siseministeerium.ee


Ms. Kristel Siitam-Nyiri (Deputy Secretary General, Criminal Policy Department, Ministry of Justice) kristel.siitam-nyiri@just.ee

Ms. Saale Laos (Chairman of the Criminal Chamber, Supreme Court) saale.laos@riigikohus.ee

Ms. Lavly Perling (Prosecutor General, Office of the Prosecutor General) lavly.perling@prokuratuur.ee

Mr. Elmar Vaher (Director General of the Police and Boarder Guard Board) elmar.vaher@politsei.ee

Updated: 01.06.2018 - 08:04