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2nd Forensic Governance Forum 2019

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The next generation leaders training -

the 2nd ENFSI Forensic Governance Forum (FGF2019)

will be held in October 13th – 18th, 2019 at Tallink City Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia. High-class facilities together with top speakers and moderator will ensure an excellent programme and best possible learning environment.

Crucial to ensure a substantial learning impact of this FGF is a vivid interaction between participants. There will be time dedicated to the sharing of experiences, and discussing of management dilemmas.

Find the preliminary course programme here

The program content of the 2nd Forensic Governance Forum has been prepared based on the following themes:

I. Questions behind the data. The Data Driven Leader. Smart and strategic use of digitalization and data analytics.

a. Trends, Digitalization, Data and Strategy in Forensics
b. Data visualization and business decision making tools
c. Data storages development – “Black cold” management, machine learning
d. Risk management (new ISO17025:2017)
e. Towards complete digital criminal proceedings – Estonian proof of concept

II. From customer satisfaction to Customer delight

a. Lean 6 Sigma Leadership – How to find time and resources for process improvement?
b. How to be customer oriented or customer driven? And why?
c. Customer demand analysis
d. Service experience concept co-creation

III. How to succeed under poor Leadership? Competence based management models

a. Self-Leadership and Coaching
b. “Tone at the Top”
c. Smart Decending Management models
d. Various business models of forensic laboratories
e. Means to influence the demand
f. Flexible Service Level Agreements

IV. Envision the future. Funding resources and Innovative approaches in forensic science

a. Future Leader’s: Their innovation sensors, long-run imagination and creative tools
b. Identification of scientific and technical possibilities
c. Scientific foundation of forensic science
d. How to get funding for R&D?
e. What type impacts the funded projects will leave to the lab?
f. Australian vs European R&D challenges

The Forensic Governance Forum is a one week intensive and interactive learning event. The fee will be € 2500 per participant (all-inclusive, except travel costs). Since ENFSI is the organiser of the Forensic Governance Forum’s Multi-Annual Program, it will take responsibility of any financial risks.

To avoid any unnecessary marketing and follow the budgetary accumulation, the participants will be accepted by invitation only. The 2019 Forensic Governance Forum is tailored to 16 participants, and the candidates will be invited by the FGF2019 Organizing committee. Registration will be made on a first come, first served principle.

The best advertisement will pass from mouth to mouth! Please feel free to contact FGF2017 graduates.

Important dates:
Registration opens in May 29th, 2019.  Please find registration form and course details here
Registration closes in June 30th, 2019.
Notification about final selection of participants will be submitted by July 26th, 2019.


FGF2019 Organizing committee

Erkki Sippola, Director
NBI Forensic Laboratory, Finland, eki.enfsi@gmail.com

Üllar Lanno, Director
EFSI, Estonia, yllar.lanno@ekei.ee

Ralph Kleuskens, Senior Advisor
PPAC, Ministry of Security and Justice, The Netherlands, r.j.a.kleuskens@minvenj.nl

Erik Boers, Conductor of FGC2013, FGC2015
Author of the book: “Making Connections: Getting Things Done With Other People”
One founder of Learning Consortium and of The New Trivium: philosophy in organisations (www.thenewtrivium.com )

Maris Puust, Course coordinator
EFSI, Estonia, maris.puust@ekei.ee

ENFSI Secretariat secretariat@enfsi.eu


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