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BMLA - The Baltic Medico-Legal Association

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After the Baltic States declared independence in 1990 an organisation was founded that united forensic medical doctors of the three Baltic States and Saint-Petersburg: The Baltic Medico-Legal Association. The Association is having Steering Committee with 1 representative from each country. Steering Committee appoints a President for 2 year period.

In addition to exchange of experience and arrangement of training one of the member states organises a congress of the BMLA every three years. During the last years these congresses have become a considerable international event for our own colleagues and also for many participants from foreign countries.

BMLA organizes scientific congress in one of acceding countries every three years:1st in 1992 by the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Mykolas Romeris University.- Lithuania, Vilnius; 2nd in 1995 – in Finland,Helsinki; 3rd in1998 in Latvia, Riga organized by the Latvian Forensic Medical Centre; 4th congress of the Baltic Medico-Legal Association was held in 2001 in Estonia, Tartu; 5th in 2004 – in St. Petersburg and in sixth consecutive congress in 2006 in Lithuania,Vilnius.

Members of the Association are having traditional summer workshops. The idea was generated by Lithuanian colleagues wih organizing the first event in 2005. In 2006 the occasion was held in Latvia and in 2007 in Estonia.

The 4th International Summer Workshop of Baltic Medico-Legal Assotiation (BMLA) was held this year in Kernave, Lithuania on 13–15 of June and the main topic was „Developing the professional, scientific and cultural cooperation“.

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