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Type approval of weapons and ammunition

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According to Government of the Republic Regulation No 341 of 6 November 2001 the agency authorised to perform type approval of weapons and ammunition is the Estonian Forensic Science Institute.

Type approval of weapons and ammunition is an act that verifies the permissibility of using a particular model of weapon or cartridge or an essential component of a firearm for civilian purposes and determines the field of application according to §§ 3 and 25 of the Weapons Act.

Type approval of weapons and ammunition takes place according to the procedure adopted by Regulation No 28 of the Minister of the Interior of 13 April 2007.

Application for type approval of weapons and ammunition

The application can be sent via post to Estonian Forensic Science Institute Tervise 30 Tallinn 13419 or in digitally signed form to the e-mail address tehnika@ekei.ee. An application without sufficient information and/or signature will be sent back for revising.

NB! The main task of EFSI is providing expert opinions to the investigative institutions. We are prioritizing giving timely answers to the investigators and thus, as the type approvals are dealt with within the overall queue in amongst the other tasks, the completion of the type approvals may take longer than expected. Should you know in advance that your application is justifiably urgent, please add an appropriate note with the explanation of the urgency to the application or e-mail.


Updated: 14.06.2018 - 12:09