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Forensic tests and analysis

Examinations in proceeding

In accordance with its statutes, one of the main objectives of the Estonian Forensic Science Institute is to provide forensic science and examination expertise and services in legal proceedings. The institute provides its services impartially, professionally, to a high level of technical quality and in a cost-effective manner to ensure the reliability of its results and both national and international recognition. The results of the forensic examinations and investigations carried out by the institute are issued on a scientific basis.

The list of expertise performed at the institute is established by a regulation of the Minister of Justice, and the prices of expertise and research by a regulation of the Government of the Republic.

Authorities that may order examinations and studies:

  • Court
  • Prosecutor´s office
  • Investigative body
  • Body conducting extra-judicial proceedings
  • Administrative bodies
  • State agencies

The police, prosecutor´s office or court must be conducted to initiate the proceeding.


Examinations for charge

EFSI may perform examinations for charge to natural and legal persons not related to proceedings where this does not hinder the performance of the duties relating to examinations conducted in its proceedings.

The conditions for conducting examinations for charge (including price and financing) are stipulated in the Forensic Examination Act.

The list of examinations for charge and the procedure for the conduct of examinations and drawing up of expert’s opinions and the list of data to be maintained are established by a regulation of the Minister of Justice.

To order an examination for charge, please contact us in advance.