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Forensic psychiatric examinations

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Starting 1 January 2009 the Forensic Psychiatry Department of the Estonian Forensic Science Institute (EFSI) shall coordinate conducting the forensic psychiatric examinations.

A person is assigned to the forensic psychiatric examination by an employee of a law enforcement authority (the police, court). Thus, the injured party must first address the law enforcement authority that prescribes the examination and prepares an examination ruling, if necessary. No forensic psychiatric examination is carried out without an examination ruling.

A court generally appoints the EFSI to carry out the forensic psychiatric examination and sends the rulings to the EFSI in an electronic form at kpt@ekei.ee. The court may also appoint a specific officially certified expert to carry out the examination and in such case the court sends the ruling to the expert and for information to the EFSI, as well.

The file of the person who is subject to the forensic psychiatric examination needs not be sent to the EFSI – upon sending the ruling, the EFSI imposes an obligation on the person carrying out the examination to contact the court to receive the file.

The EFSI shall send the ruling for execution to hospitals as partners. If a judge wishes, the EFSI shall provide feedback on which hospital received the ruling for execution.

The examination is generally carried out within a month from sending the assignment to a partner. After the examination an expert shall return the file along with the expert’s report and statement of the examination fee to the court. The expert shall file the invoice for the examination fee with the Estonian Forensic Science Institute.

The fee shall be paid to the expert on the basis of the ruling of an investigative body, the Prosecutor’s Office, body conducting extrajudicial proceedings in a misdemeanour matter or court. The rulings shall be sent by e-mail at kpt@ekei.ee or by mail at Tervise 30, 13419 Tallinn.


Updated: 06.06.2018 - 15:31