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Mission, vision, our values

Our mission

We are supporting fairness Justice, through our high-quality, impartial and reliable forensic examinations.

Our vision

We are internationally respected forensic science institute with the focuses on constant development, co-operation and scientific research.

Our values

Our values represent those of the institute as a whole and are rooted in human values:

  • honesty;
  • professionalism;
  • reliability;
  • development; and
  • cooperation.

We respect:

  • the law;
  • all other people;
  • our profession;
  • ourselves.

We are professional:

  • with our attitude and actions;
  • with acquisition of new knowledges and planning the personal career;
  • with commiting to the results and achieveing  the goals.

You can rely on us because we are:

  • competent;
  • fair;
  • impartial;
  • dutiful;
  • confidential.

In our development we:

  • search for the truth and for what is right;
  • are creative and curious;
  • have the courage to make decisions which look to the future;
  • make changes to life which bring added value.

In our cooperation we value:

  • willingness to help;
  • fulfilment of promises;
  • objectivity;
  • feedback.