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Mission, vision, our values


To support the creation of a reliable and effective legal space with high-quality, science-based, and impartial expertise.


To be an expert institution that successfully applies the latest technologies, operates efficiently, and shows direction in its field.

Our values

  • Accuracy
    Accuracy and correctness are the cornerstones of credibility. We stick to our agreements. We value professionalism and value self-development.
  • Honesty
    We do our work impartially and are open and honest. We talk about things directly and by their proper names. We dare to admit mistakes and are ready to learn from them.
  • Cooperation
    We are open to cooperation with all parties. We know how to ask for help if necessary and we are always ready to give help if possible. We respect other people's work and time.
  • Positivity
    We are friendly, caring, and empathetic. We always remain respectful and benevolent even in difficult situations. We notice and acknowledge others around us.